In the world of The Dresden Files (aka, the Dresdenverse), the Oklahoma City Metro is an oddly important place. While Oklahoma City is not one of the premier cities of the United States, it serves as a crossroads, both literally and supernaturally. Interstates 40 and 35 meet in Oklahoma City. Interstate 40 is the most traveled highway in the US, and I35 bisects the continental US nearly down the center. Culturally, the city is a transition zone for three major American regions: the South, the Midwest, and the Southwest. The forests of the American South come to a final end in Oklahoma County, as the Crosstimbers finally peter out, changing into the semiarid shortgrass prairies of western Oklahoma and the tallgrass prairies of northern Oklahoma.

Numerous smaller cultures influence the underappreciated city. Indian tribes, most notably but certainly not limited to the Five Civilized Tribes, which were displaced from their native places were settled into Oklahoma. Settlers from the East poured into the area during the fabled landrushes and built farms. Many black people moved out of the South as Reconstruction failed and established all-black townships. Eventually, oil was discovered, and gushers plumed from the earth. After that, oil and soil defined a roller-coaster boom-bust cycle that was an exaggeration of the nation’s economic times, until very recently.

This short but eventful history leaves the Oklahoma City Metro area ripe for supernatural intrigue and danger. Ghosts haunt buildings erected by oil barons. Demons, as well as wisdom and talents, follow modern immigrants from Asia and Latin America as they settle the city. And what of the Vampire Courts and the Fairy Courts? What are their machinations for the city? Let’s all find out together in this campaign of weird magic and unappreciated heroes.

Dresden Files OKC Metro

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