Dresden Files OKC Metro

A Witchin' Good Time

We returned to the game, as Alexander and Davvi debated about what should be done with the dagger of Hecate. Davvi felt that since it was collected in North America (more of Coyote’s domain) it should go to Coyote. Alexander felt that since the dagger was an artifact related to the Olympian gods, it should go to Athena. Their argument was then interrupted by the appearance of Coyote himself. Lance, still tripping on three-eye, got a big look at him but did fine. [However, Jonas spent a fate point to make it such that Coyote was thrilled to see the still lustful Alexander there.] Coyote decided that it could go to the Olympians, so long as Alexander would return the favor himself some time (wink, wink, nudge, nudge.) Weirded out, Alexander accepted the deal. At this point, he tried to contact Hermes to take the dagger to Olympus.

Unfortunately, getting the dagger to the Olympians was going to take some time, and as it turned out, Lance’s house had visitors outside. Knowing that something was up, Luke went to the gate and began talking with what was probably a White Court vampire to see what was up. After an amusing social combat involving attempted seduction on the woman’s end and feigned cluelessness on Luke’s end, he made the group go away. The group then decided to hide the dagger in a warded safe hidden in a shed behind Luke’s ex-girlfriend’s parents’ house, and Hermes had responded with giving Alexander the mission to destroy the agent of Hecate that was working Oklahoma City.

As they were on their way to Ashleigh Merryweather’s house to see if they could identify the agent of Hecate, Lance received a call on his car phone. A mysterious voice told him that he was to meet him at a bus stop in half an hour, alone. The group set out to guard the location and try to keep an eye on Lance. As the meeting took place, Lance was offered a deal: give the mysterious man the dagger of Hecate, and he receives a Denarian coin. The man then handed him a business card with the name Nicodemus on it.

The team then went to the Merryweather house, and Alexander used his Sight on it, revealing that it was a place where very bad things happened and that Circe was there. The team then decided to go all-out on a plan and recruited a few guys from Mama JoAnn’s Catfish and Ribs. They also put diluted three-eye into water guns and applied moley (a protective agent against Circe’s power.) They called in the favor owed by summer, as well, and they got a small band of centaurs to help them.

While the main team of Davvi, Alexander, and Luke entered through the back, their helpers and Lance created a distraction in the front. Gunfire, agitated spirits, and flames then caused many problems for the residents of the house, as the three primary attackers entered through the backdoor and encountered a White Court vampire and a goon. They fought off these two, and they moved on. Lance, after causing havoc, then sped away to the secret location of Hecate’s dagger in order to take Nicodemus’s offer.

The three true warriors then barged into the living room of the manor and encountered Ashleigh Merryweather, who was really Circe herlsef. They then engaged in a hard-fought battle, spells, claws, swords, and bullets whizzing everywhere. At one point, Alexander rode atop Luke in wolf form to deliver a fantastic blow, and finally, after dealing out a lot of damage, they managed to take down the wicked witch goddess who cursed Alexander with her dying breath: “You will be betrayed by your brother.”

Lance, unsure exactly what direction to go, called his demonic mother and asked her for advice. She felt that Nicodemus’s offer wasn’t good enough and that if he gave her the dagger, she could find a better buyer. We leave the session with Lance undecided on the direction he would take: trade with Nicodemus, trade using his mother, or leave the dagger there.

[The team was awarded a major milestone for their gallantry and development. This also completes the Circe story arc, and the next arc will probably follow a different path. Players, feel free to comment on what sort of path you’d like to see the story go.]



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