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Goon of the Season

The session began with Davvi receiving a message from Coyote informing her that she needed to meet with Lance to discuss Coyote’s current problem, so she headed toward Lance’s house. While in route, she noticed that she was being followed by a pickup truck, but she continued on and entered Lance’s compound. Meanwhile…

Alexander received a message from Athena informing him to investigate Coyote and see if he was involved in the hexencoyote problem. As he exited his apartment, two goons assaulted him. In the fight, Alexander received a minor wound to his genitals but managed to escape and race to Luke’s house. The two realized that they needed to go to the usual meetup: Lance’s house.

As Davvi entered Lance’s place, doors opened before her, and she made her way to the study where Lance and Coyote were sitting, though Lance was completely oblivious to the god’s presence. There the god of mischief sat, lounging in a smoking jacket and a hovering monocle, sipping on something in a highball glass. He informed them that he was being framed, and he was tasking them, his emissary and favorite attorney, to prove his case. He recommended that they start where they last stopped.

When Alexander and Luke arrived at Lance’s manor, they found a pickup truck with two goons standing outside of the home. Luke attempted conversation, but they wouldn’t have it. The two heroes made a loop around the block, as Davvi and Lance took notice from the study. Then, Alexander’s car racing, they attempted to run over the goon standing outside of the car, but he leapt over the oncoming vehicle. Unfortunately, Alexander’s car was destroyed as it careened into the goons’ truck. A quick fight then ensued, and the goons were revealed to be gruffs, agents of Summer.

Following Coyote’s recommendation, the heroes went to Derryl Colbert’s house to further investigate. There, they found a dead old woman, naked on the floor. A quick investigation revealed that she died when she had transformed from the cat form that her own son had made her into back into her human form. Apparently, the collar’s small size crushed her throat, and she died. Compelled by the guilt of his Peter Parker Syndrome, Luke, the teams best investigator was overcome and almost forced to sit out the scene, but Davvi snapped him out of it with her aspect Everyone’s So Serious! Further investigation revealed a book of various spirits’ true names, a phone reference to Mrs. Merryweather (notorious drug dealer), and a lock of Circe’s hair.

Just as their investigation of the house was winding down, however, the team was attacked by the two goons that attacked Alexander earlier. As the fight went on, the cover of the goons disappeared, revealing them to be trolls, agents of Winter. The team was overcoming them when the front door was bashed down by four malks. Feeling overwhelmed, Luke used his aspect Coming Out of the Woodwork to have an elder gruff show up looking for Davvi but instead battle the forces of Winter. The party then retreated from the doomed building and fled to Mama JoAnn’s Catfish and Ribs.

There, the team talked to Mama JoAnn to see if she had any words of wisdom about the situation. All she told them was that Summer was mad at Coyote, thinking that he had arranged the murder of the oil executive and that Winter was mad at Athena, apparently since she was involving herself in Fairy affairs. At that point, [a player— can’t remember which] used a fate point to call in Cactus Jack, the local Warden. Once there, the team engaged him in social combat to force him to admit that he failed in fixing the Colbert situation. He promised to do what he could to get Summer to hold off on harming Davvi.

The next stop was the Meteorological Research Center in Normal, where the party hoped to talk to Summer. There, they found a weather sprite who was willing to talk some. Things got dicey, and Davvi was forced to abandon the group, while police arrived. The group was able to talk their way out of the situation, though, and they decided to go reinvestigate the hexencoyote belts. When Alexander used his Sight, he managed to see that Circe’s magic was involved in the construction of the belts. The team was able to use this information to convince the Summer Court that Coyote was innocent.

Now, the party must still contend with Circe, who is obviously going to be angry, and Winter, which has continued reason to be angry with Athena and Alexander. Of course, there are more threats in the world, too. Who knows what the group will face next…



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