Dresden Files OKC Metro

The Case of the Executive Mauling

Our adventure starts in Mama JoAnn’s Catfish and Ribs, where the heroes sat eating their delicious food. A dryad walked in and gave Alexander a copy of the Daily Disappointment (I mean Daily Oklahoman) with a front-page article highlighted. The article detailed the apparent animal mauling of the chief financial officer of Chattam Oil and Gas, Aubrey Bull. His son was also missing. Correctly deducing that there was more to the story than a freak accident and that he would need some help, he recruited the assistance of the rest of his party, and they decided to go to the deceased man’s house in Nichols Hills.

Once there, Davvi chose to step aside, as trespassing on a crime scene is “super illegal,” but the others managed to convince the policeman stationed there to let them in with documents forged by Lance. As Davvi waited for the others to commit a felony, a raven messenger from Coyote landed on her and told her to “keep [the god] Coyote’s interests in mind” as she looked into the case. The team’s investigation showed that several coyotes attacked Aubrey Bull outside, killing him, and then escaped through a stream behind the house. Lance summoned Bull’s ghost, which was reliving the man’s death. An investigation into the house revealed that someone broke into the front door but otherwise left no clues in kidnapping Geoffry (Aubrey Bull’s son.)

The team’s next destination was that of Melinda Bull’s mother’s house, since that’s where the policeman said that she would be. Luke attempted to get an in with his charm, but the grieving widow rebuffed him. At this point, [metagame] Jonas used Lance’s aspect Dignity for Sale to declare that Lance was Geoffry’s true father and that Lance knew Melinda Bull Biblically. [/metagame] Lance stripped to his birthday suit and had Luke claw him a little bit. He then approached the house and claimed that wild coyotes were trying to kill him. Melinda bought it. The team managed to get one pertinent clue out of her— she had received a phone call threatening Aubrey’s death, if he did not stop a drilling deal. Alexander traced the call to a payphone outside of Crossroads Mall, the known hangout of a gang of hexencoyotes.

The crew arrived at the mostly abandoned mall in the evening, and the parking lot was mostly empty. First, they tried calling the hexencoyotes out and intimidating the baby out of them. However, that did not work, but Davvi was aware of waiting enemies, and she warned the rest of them. Lance used his demonic SIM chip to call a demon who alerted them that they were essentially surrounded by enemies and that several more were on the way. A fight ensued. Highlights include the lethal marksmanship of Davvi, pools of molten and burning asphalt on the parking lot from a botched spell from Lance, Lance’s car smashing through a strip mall and running down a pair of untransformed hexencoyotes, and Luke battling with the leader of the gang, Joe Clade. The team killed most of their opponents, but they managed to capture Joe and one other. They managed to hide in a van that was veiled by Lance until the cops arrived. Meanwhile, Davvi carefully hid away the hexencoyote belts to protect her employer.

The team brought their prisoners to Lance’s home, where they interrogated them. While Alexander attempted to use his Sight on them, Davvi used her ability to instill hysteria upon him to prevent him from finding the belts. The hit was intense, and Alexander was left with a moderate consequence of believing himself to be sieging Troy. However, Luke’s Investigation skill ultimately defeated Davvi’s attempts to hide the belts. The others grew suspicious of her. The team managed to find out that the hexencoyotes were hired by and being supplied by Derryl Colbert. They gave up his phone number, which the team used to track down his house. The fight there was brief, and they recovered the baby, as well as learn that Derryl was being aided by the minor goddess Circe.



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