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White Limousine

Quick note: Shey wasn’t present, so neither was his character Luke, which was a shame, since, one, Shey would have liked this adventure, and two, I made the adventure hook for Luke. We had to improvise a little.

The adventure began with Luke out of town joining the Light Horse police as a secret undercover agent. (Note that the player characters are currently unaware of that.) He asked Alexander to pick up his mail, though, so there was Alexander, throwing out the junk mail(And going through Luke’s personal belongings) when he found a note in a blank envelope (no address or anything.) Curious, he opened it and found a short message describing how there would be an interesting exchange taking place at the loading dock of the Best Buy near May and 63rd at 2:30 am. It explained that Luke should look into it and bring friends. He then called Davvi and Lance over to Luke’s place. Redecorating was performed before they took off to deal with the situation.

Lance purchased a semi truck and stowed a 1960s model Mini Cooper in it. They then parked it in the lot area behind the Best Buy. Davvi and Alexander chose to pick spots outside of the truck, but Lance ordered his driver Alfred to remain in the cab. Meanwhile, Lance also set up a scry on the loading dock, using the two lighters from the truck. He sat in the trailer awaiting the arrival of the exchange parties.

Finally, two vehicles arrived. The first was a black Cadillac Escalade with darkened windows and spinners. The second was a white stretch limousine. A couple of stereotypical gangbangers stepped out of the SUV, one carrying a briefcase (black leather), and a man with a dapper white suit and a jeweled cane emerged from the limousine. After a brief conversation, a scantily clad beauty came out of the limo with a steel briefcase and walked up to one of the thugs. She then killed him with a kiss, and her male partner rammed the end of his cane through the mouth and out of the back of the head of the other.

At this point, the party had figured out that they were likely White Court Vampires and that something was definitely up. The male vampire attached something to the gangsters’ vehicle, and the two got into their own ride, which was moving in order to escape. Meanwhile, Davvi leapt atop the limo, Lance rammed the Mini out of the trailer, and Alexander went to Alfred. As Davvi dodged gunfire from the gangsters, Lance called Alexander and Alfred into the Mini, and they sped after the ongoing chase.

Just then, the Escalade exploded, and Lance ordered Alfred to give a good chase, as they followed the limousine south on May Avenue. The trunk of the limo opened, and a .50 caliber machine gun popped out to dissuade the crew. As Alexander made his way forward to shield the passengers, Alfred deftly maneuvered to dodge the first burst of fire. Then, the chase moved recklessly onto Northwest Expressway inbound. The next hail of bullets was partly deflected by Alexander, but one round put a hole in the radiator. Lance, having had enough, then hexed the terrible weapon, and Alfred gained ground.

Seeing his opportunity, Alex jumped into the open trunk of the limousine and, being unsure of the machine gun’s functionality, hacked it into further submission. The woman in the vehicle then started firing back at the Mini Cooper with a Galil one handed. Davvi attempted to disarm her with a kick from the top of the limo but at first failed. However, Alexander, burst through the backseat of the limousine, launching the male vampire forward. On her next attempt, Davvi kicked the assault rifle out of the vampiress’s hand.

Then, a terrible close combat broke out inside of the limousine. Davvi was able to join in through the window, and Lance decided to hex the vehicle by making both the gas and the accelerator pedals go to the floor. The limo began braking uncontrollably, and Alexander took out the male vampire. Unsatisfied with the damage, Lance made the fuel tank burst into flames, as the fight within continued.

Seeing the White Court Vampire blood (and hence its aphrodisiac effects [a temporary aspect]) spattered on Alexander, the vampiress inflicted her lust-inducing attack on Alexander. Davvi and Alexander fought back, but the flames began pouring in. Lance and Alfred pulled their stricken Mini beside the limo, and Lance made a mental attack upon the driver [need to pull name from notebook], allowing for his capture. The desperate fight continued as the heroes and the villainess all fought their way out. Fortunately, Davvi put down the succubus before she could do anymore damage, and the team retrieved both briefcases. As the police were on their way, and the Mini Cooper was done, the team was veiled by Lance, and they made their way back to his house.

Once there, they interviewed the limousine driver who informed them that he worked for Mrs. Merryweather. The group then opened the briefcases. One contained a magical dagger that Alexander’s Sight revealed was associated with the goddess Hecate. It was extremely powerful and could probably be used in an ascension ritual. The other contained three-eye, the magical drug. Lance consumed some and took some minor hits.

Note: before we get into the next adventure, we need to settle where Hecate’s dagger is going.


dang sucks that I missed this session about how my luck goes to miss the session focusing on my lol. Hey out of curiosity do I get the benefit of any milestones even though I was not present at the session? I was planning on changing my high concept from crime fighting werewolf to watchdog of the light horse if that was ok? I figured we could go with my guy was not in Kansas but was really getting recruited or whatever works for you as gm in to being a watchdog for the light horse. Like I said though its if it works with what you have in mind for the story if it clashes then its cool I can try something else.

White Limousine

It was just a minor milestone, so sure. Is your character going to be a secret member or an open officer?

White Limousine

O lets make it fun I’ll go with secret member that sounds like it would make the better story.

White Limousine

Obsidian Portal tells me that Matt changed something, but I’m not sure what…

White Limousine

I added (And going through Luke’s personal belongings) lol I was gonna sign it, like the notes in the margins of the book,but decided against it lol :P

White Limousine

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