Lance Longineous, Esq. (Jonas Cope)


Template: Scion
High Concept: Half-Devil’s Advocate
Trouble: Owes Lotsa Favors

Background Aspect: See You in Hell

Rising Conflict Aspect: I Don’t Owe You Any Damned Thing!
After receiving aid in school, Ivy League entrance, help with difficult professors, on passing the bar, and getting taken on at a prestigious law firm, then was confronted with his first major favor to return but rejected it and won the case anyway.

Story Aspect: Power of Attorney
Represented Coyote in a dispute against his right to independent Lordship under the Unseelie Accords.

Guest Star Aspect 1: Dignity for Sale
Coyote was quite pleased with his victory in court, and has placed Lance on retainer. Now he gets a hefty fee to clean up Davvi’s messes— starting with the noodle incident at the Zoo.

Guest Star Aspect 2: Who You Gonna Call
When Luke Lamphruse needs help smoking out an evil demon summoner, what better kind of smoke than that from hellfire, and when you need hellfire, no one better than Lance, everyone’s favorite half demon lawyer.

Superb (+5): Resources, Deceit
*Great (+4):
Lore, Discipline
Good (+3): Conviction, Contacts, Presence
Fair (+2): Athletics, Rapport, Empathy
Average (+1): Scholarship, Performance, Endurance, Investigation, Weapons

Stunts & Powers
Hellfire (-3)
Evocation (-3)
*Fire, Water, Spirit
*Focus Item: Ring of + 1 Power of Spirit
*Enchanted Item: Demonic SIM Card: When put into a cellular phone, the phone can be used to contact a demon (Lore to guess the best demon) and ask one question. Can be used once per scene and ruins the phone
*Enchanted Item: Shield Cufflink: Summons a Shield at Conviction Power once per scene.

Grain of Truth (-1)
Document Forging (-1)

Adjusted Refresh: 2

Physical: 3
Mental: 4
Social: 4


A magnificent specimen of a bastard, Lance Longineous is the son of a mortal lawyer and a demonic succubus stripper who burst from the depths of a hellaciously frosted cake at a bachelor party. Conceived in demonic seduction and mortal adultery, his nature and origins have been closely and dearly guarded secrets since even before his life began.

Closely guarded as in careful. Dearly guarded as in expensive. Lance’s father spared no expense in earthly and ….

Lance Longineous, Esq. (Jonas Cope)

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