Luke Lamphruse (Shey Ramsey)


Template: Werewolf

High Concept: Crime-Fighting Werewolf

Trouble: Peter Parker Syndrome

Background Aspect: Werewolf In Suburbia

Grew up in the OKC suburbs and stayed in town for college after his family left town and came into his power and proceeded to act out. What any nerd would do.

Rising Conflict Aspect: Double Life Double Trouble

As he is pursuing a criminal justice degree, he is moonlighting doing some P.I. work. But recently has run afoul of the hexencoyotes of Crossroads. With the demons of school and other extracurricular activities, he has all but alienated himself.

The Story Aspect: Danced With a Devil in the Pale Moonlight

Luke finds himself in a duel of wits with a murderous demon summoning madman. He must find out his next target and put an end to the supernatural serial killer, even if he has to by force.

Guest Star Aspect 1: They’re Coming Out of the Woodwork

Following a lead for a client, Luke investigates a rural cult and finds a terrified teenager running for her life. She might be able to help him— if she’ll stop babbling about demons and gods.

Guest Star Aspect 2: A Fluffy Upgrade 2.0

(We need to fix this. It needs to be Luke’s part in Alexander’s story. I should have spotted this yesterday.)



Superb (plus 5)


Great (plus 4)

Athletics, Rapport

Good (plus 3)

Lore, Conviction, Endurance

Fair (plus 2)

Discipline, Rapport*, Empathy, Scholarship

Average (plus 1)

Stealth, Craftsmanship, Presence, Resources, Alertness

  • Rapport is listed twice.


    Superb (plus 5)

    Endurance, Fists

    Great (plus 4)

    Athletics, Discipline

    Good (plus 3)

    Alertness, Might

    Fair (plus 2)

    Stealth, Presence, Conviction

    Average (plus 1)

    Investigation, Empathy, Survival, Intimidation, Performance

    Stunts & Powers

    Beast Change (-1)
    Echoes of the Beast (-1)
    Human Form (+1)
    Claws (-1)
    Inhuman Strength (-2)
    Inhuman Speed (-2)
    Inhuman Toughness (-2)
    Unshakable (-1)

    Adjusted Refresh: 1


    Physical: 4 (Human), 6 (Wolf)
    Mental: 4 (Human), 3 (Wolf)
    Social: 3 (Human), 3 (Wolf)

Luke Lamphruse (Shey Ramsey)

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