Luke's New Role in the Light Horse

Here’s what I’m thinking, Shey, but let me know if you want to do something else:

The Light Horse as an organization is having problems with the Metro area police departments, as any investigation they attempt is stifled and stonewalled. Realizing that darker things could be at play, the Light Horse realized that they needed a few off-the-book agents in Oklahoma County. Luke is one of the ones they picked. Given his education and his frequent visits to Mama JoAnn’s Catfish and Ribs, they knew that he must have some connection to fighting the supernatural criminal elements of the Metro area.

As a Light Horse secret agent, you receive a new salary (which will let you swap up your Resources skill, if you so desire at the next opportunity.) You also have a badge, which you are strongly discouraged from displaying, unless the situation absolutely requires it, as it would probably kill the secrecy of your role. You also have some contacts that are easy to find (Contacts Average or Fair, usually.)

Your contacts include Captain Ryker Harjo, your main boss; Sergent Talila Freeman, the agent in charge of weapons, ordinance, and other equipment; and Sergent Jeff Standsandkills, the main Oklahoma County agent.

Luke's New Role in the Light Horse

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