NPC List

Note: These characters are those that have been encountered by the players and have been of significance to the plot. It will be continually updated.

Athena Olympian Goddess of Knowledge, Civilization, Strategic Warfare, Strength, Female Arts, Crafts, Justice, and Skill
What is known: She has hired the team to save the child of a murdered oil and gas executive.

Coyote Native American Trickster God
What is known: He is an independent Free-Holding Lord, and one of his signatures for Lordship came from Athena. His symbol was imprinted upon the hexencoyotes’ belts.

Circe Lesser Goddess of Magic and Daughter of Hecate
What is known: She ran a cult in which Davvi was abused. She aided the sorcerer Derryl Colbert in making hexencoyote belts.

Derryl Colbert (Deceased) Wicked Sorcerer
What is known: A sorcerer who made hexencoyote belts for the gang at Crossroads Mall. He also hired that gang to kill Aubrey Bull and kidnap his son.

Aubrey Bull (Deceased) CFO of Chattam Oil & Gas

Melinda Bull Widow of Aubrey Bull
What is known: Lance had an affair with her, yielding her son Geoffry.

Joe Clade Hexencoyote Ringleader
What is known: He was hired and supplied by Derryl Colbert to do dirty work, like kill Aubrey Bull and kidnap his son.

Mama JoAnn Diner-Owning Empath
What is known: She may not like the rules, but she does play by them.

Alfred Bullworth Wry and Unflappable Hired Driver
Will be completely statted soon.

NPC List

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