Alexander Parthenos (Matt Pearson)


Template: Emissary of Power/Scion
High Concept: Champion of Athena
Trouble: My Big Fat Greek Family

“You will be betrayed by your brother.”

Background Aspect: Fish Out of Water
Born to an archaeologist mother and professor father. Mother disappeared at birth. Father’s family hates him, feels more akin to the dysfunctional Greek Gods. Stepson of Springer (OU Professor). Moved from Greece with stepfather.

Rising Conflict Aspect: Whatever You Say, Boss Lady
Best friend Cassie killed by a gorgon because he did not heed Athena’s warnings. Now is fiercely loyal to Athena.

The Story Aspect: A Shield, a Sword, and Magical Eyes; What You Got?
Following the gorgon to London, given the Aegis and the sword of Perseus by Uncle Hermes. Ended up fighting a sorcerer bent on opening Pandora’s Box at the London Museum. Granted the Sight of Athena to see through the sorcerer’s illusions and to fight the gorgon without turning to stone.

Story Aspect: Hero Gonna Have To Choke A Witch????
By meddling with Coyote Magick, Circe (The same witch that meddled in Athena’s plans with Odysseus years ago.) caused the war between the winter and summer courts to escalate in violence. This lead to an attack on Athena’s champion, Alex, and also threatened to destabilize the magical community in an area Athena is trying to set up a base.
This is the third time that Alex has been attacked by her, or because of her, and he’s starting to take it personally.

Like Father Like Son
During his debriefing with Athena on Olympus, Athena confirmed that Ares is Alex’s father. Enraged with being kept in the dark, Alex stormed into Ares’ Armory to confront his father about never being a dad and to find out what happened to his mother. Instead of Ares, Alex found Eris, goddess of chaos, who told Alex that being a Hero didn’t make sense with his heritage, and that children of Ares always have alot of their father in them. Alex denied this, but Eris noted how his rage he showed when breaking into the Armory.

Guest Star Aspect 1: Google’s Got Nothing On Me!
When the right hand of Athena gets a call from a friend to stop a killer, he shows that he is not the champion of a goddess of knowledge for nothing.

Guest Star Aspect 2: Hostile Territory
The agent of a rational goddess is sent to negotiate with the fickle Coyote, and Alexander is shocked to recognize his opposite number as the woman who left him to die.

Superb (plus 5)
Weapons, Might
Great (plus 4)
Lore, Athletics,
Good (plus 3)
Fair (plus 2)
Resources, Conviction,Fists
Average (plus 1)
Craftsmanship, Endurance, Intimidation

Stunts & Powers
Marked by Power (-1)
Aegis (-1):

  • Item of Power (+2)
  • Incite Emotion Fear (-1)
  • At Range (-1)
  • Potent Emotion (-1)

Block Bullets! (May use a shield to block ranged attacks using the Weapons skill.) (-1)
Superhuman Toughness (-1)
Superhuman Strength (-1)
The Sight (-1)
Athenian Research (+2 to Research Athenian Lore)

Adjusted Refresh: 2

Physical: 5
Mental: 3
Social: 2


Professor Marcus Springer and his Archeologist Wife, Helen, were returning from an archeological dig in Crete when their boat was destroyed by a storm and they were separated, washing up on separate sides of a deserted island. After a Week of searching for his wife, Marcus was astounded when she walked out of the forest unharmed. She claimed that they had washed up together and that they’d been walking through the woods for days and had even been intimate. He said that he’d not seen her in days.
They were soon rescued and they returned to Athens, where Helen gave birth to Alexander Springer.
The day after Alex’s Birth, Helen disappeared from the Hospital leaving Marcus to raise the child on his own.

Marcus took a job at the University of Athens and gave Alex a good upbringing but never really saw the child as his own,often leaving Alex to his own devices.
One day Alex was lead to into the wilderness by a large grey owl. This Owl was the pet of the Olympian Goddess Athena, who saw the potential the boy had.
There he spent much of his childhood afternoons, playing with the nymphs and spirits of the forests, and being Tutored by Athena.
Spending much of his free time in the mountains outside of Athens, Alex rarely interacted with the other children in the town. He did strike up a friendship with a girl named Cassandra Echo. The two had many adventures together in the world of the myths.

Things become serious
As the years went by the two became teenagers and Cassie developed feelings for Alex, but he never seemed to notice, especially when he was called upon by Athena to become her Emissary. He accepted this calling and was given the name “Parthenos” which he now uses in place of his earthly father’s name. Athena then sent him to mount Perlion where he was trained by the centaur warrior Chiron, teacher of heroes, for a summer.
Cassie kept her love for Alex and stayed true until he returned from training. Meeting Alex at the Museum of Athens, Cassie tried to express her love for him, but found he didn’t return her feelings. They were interrupted when Athena appeared through a statue of herself and told Alex that a gorgon had been released from the underworld and was heading for the Museum. Athena ordered Alex to take Cassie away from the Museum and then return to stop the Gorgon,as it would be a battle he would lose if he had to defend her as well. Alex, sure of himself after his training by Chiron, ignored the goddess’ warning and charged into battle with the Gorgon.
While he fought well against the Gorgon, keeping away from her direct gaze, he soon got cocky and was quickly beaten to the ground.
Cassie rushed into the battle, impaling the gorgon with a spear from an exhibit, saving Alex, but meeting the gorgon’s gaze which instantly turned her to Stone. The Gorgon took Pandora’s Jar, which had been uncovered by the Springers on the Island of Crete Years ago, and left for London, leaving Alex to mourn his best friend.
Athena returned to Alex, and he begged her to return his friend. She told him she could not grant him this, but that she could offer him revenge.
He accepted this, and made a vow to loyally follow Athena from that day on. Athena gave Alex her Aegis, the shield once used by the hero Perseus and Hermes, god of travel and speed, gave him a sword and transported him to London.
There Alex tracked down the Gorgon, who had allied herself with the curator of the British museum. The Curator had become a self proclaimed sorcerer,and wanted to open Pandora’s Jar and unleash a million more evils on the world. Alex took on the sorcerer, who set up a series of illusions to stop him, and the Gorgon again, this time praying for Athena’s guidance. She granted him her sight, which saw through the illusions and allowed Alex to see the gorgon without turning stone, defeating them both.
After this victory Alex returned to Greece to mourn his friend. He took Cassie’s petrified form to the Delphi, Temple of Apollo, god oh healing, in the hopes it could eventually help her.

Loyalty Tested
Alex continued to serve Athena’s interests for the next year, but his loyalty was questioned when he went to Egypt where he encountered Circe the Sorceress for the first time.
Circe was trying to steal a set of ancient magick books from the tomb of Prince Naneferkaptah.
Another Goddess had also sent her Emissary to stop this theft and Alex teamed up with the Emissary of Isis, Egyptian Goddess of Wisdom, a young man named Ankhen.
The two struck up more than just a friendship, both knowing that their goddesses, as rivals, would not approve.
Over the next few months they met in secret, finding places they could be alone.
Eventually Athena and Isis discovered the two meeting in an unused tomb in the valley of the kings. The goddesses were furious with their champions, and demanded that they leave with them. Ankhen refused, swearing his love for Alex on the Love goddess Hathor.
When Athena ordered Alex to leave with her, he was torn but ultimately his loyalty won out and he left with her.
To ensure the two would never sneak out and see each other again, Isis sent Ankhen to Germany, where a feud was going on over Egyptian Artifacts in a German Museum and whether they should be returned to Egypt.
Athena on the other hand created a position at Oklahoma City University,where she had plans and subliminally suggested it to Marcus Springer. Professor Springer took the position and moved himself and his stepson to the States.

Alexander Parthenos (Matt Pearson)

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