Davvi Cooper


Template: Emissary of Power
High Concept: Reluctant Agent of Coyote
Trouble: I Hate My Boss

Background Aspect: That’s Super Illegal!
Mom was a cop, Dad a Marine. Davvi grew up bubbly and optimistic despite their occupational cynicism, with a strong belief in the law.

Rising Conflict Aspect: Can’t Wash This Brain
Dad was discharged for a spinal injury. In his search for a cure, he pulled his family into a cult. Davvi was dutiful but skeptical and resisted the inculcation.

Story Aspect: Escape by Any Means
Mom vanished, and Davvi didn’t buy the cult’s explanation. Her first three escape attempts failed. Desperate, she called out for help – and something answered.

Guest Star Aspect 1: Never Trust a Trickster
Following the guidance of her new benefactor, Davvi aids a young man posing as a new recruit. But when Alexander is discovered, Davvi has a choice: to save his life, or use the opportunity to escape.

Guest Star Aspect 2: Everyone’s So Serious!
Demons are serious business, and Coyote feels Luke Lamphruse needs to loosen up. Davvi is ordered to “help” him in any way possible.

Superb (+5): Discipline 5
*Great (+4):
Guns, Athletics 8 = 13
*Good (
3):* Alertness, Endurance, Stealth 9 = 22
*Fair (
2):* Resources, Burglary, Fists, Deceit, 8 = 30
*Average (
1):* Empathy, Survival, Might, Presence, Drive +5 = 35

Stunts & Powers
Marked by Power (-1)
Pin Them Down (Doesn’t lose Aim bonus) (-1)
Incite Emotion (Hysteria, On Touch) (-1)
Inhuman Speed (-2)

Adjusted Refresh: 5

Physical: 4
Mental: 2
Social: 3


Davvi Cooper

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